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What strategies do you use in order to acquire new information?
Do you have some hacks that help you teach new stuff to your co-workers or learners in a more effective way?
Are there any search techniques that you use to get to more accurate information?
Any podcasts, articles, MOOCs about learning that you would like to recommend?
Any other topic related to learning that you want to discuss?

Join us for this mini-barcamp. We have no speakers, no pre-scheduled talks. All the discussion topics will be decided at the venue.

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Nov 9
2:00PM to 4:00PM
1 Harbourfront Walk

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Barcamps and Open Schools are peer learning meetups featuring discussions on a range of topics – from technology to travel, from science to popular culture. There are no invited speakers and no pre-scheduled talks - the discussion topics are chosen by the participants on the actual date at the venue.

Attendees are usually technologists, media professionals, entrepreneurs, designers, artists, educators and students.

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Barcamp Singapore - The Open School
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