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Myths & Requirements

Myths about learning to code:
‍- you have to be good in math => wrong
- coding isn't creative but just logic => wrong
- only very specific jobs need or can profit from coding knowledge => wrong
- if you don't learn at a very early age it's too late => wrong

Requirements to be a great software developer (and don't worry when some don't apply yet - you can learn them):
‍- being able / learn to be on the computer for hours at a time & get in a deep focus mode
- after playing around for a while with coding: have concrete goals in mind
- don't give up just because your code has a problem you don't know how to solve
- you like building things that make your or other people's life easier
- you are curious and want to extend your knowledge (technologies you learn now are not enough to work in tech in 20 years)

Define your goals

It's essential to have a purpose of why you are learning to code: for new job opportunities, realize projects, your current job or just to extend your skills. And by adding goals to your SkillMe account, we can give you much better learning recommendations - so here you go:
Why do you want to learn to code?

Choose your project

To make it easier selecting the first programming language you want to learn, but especially to stay motivated learning to code it's super important to build a concrete project. That can be anything from a simple website (like a blog or static website with photos you made), a simple app (like a calculator) up to an electronics project (home automation via Arduino?). Already know what project you want to build? Great! And now think about what the most minimal version of that project is - what is the absolute key component you want to build first? There you go - now you have your first coding project. So now, let's add it to your SkillMe account, so we can give you much better learning recommendations:

Choose a language

While there is no "best programming language for beginner", it's fair to say that Python & JavaScript are the two best recommendations for first programming languages. Here is what both have in common: ‍

- huge communities (makes solving problems a lot easier & quicker)
- many learning resources
- highly in demand in the job market
- many libraries & frameworks
- so you can save a lot of time and don't need to code everything from scratch
- many APIs
- so you can connect your code to all kinds of web services

You can use both languages for basically all your projects. But still, both languages have a field where they are the most used & loved:

great for data science (analyzing, structure and change data)
great for web development (& the only programming language for website frontend)

But there are many other reasons as well why people like those languages - see what users on Stackshare.io say:

Great libraries
Readable code
Beautiful code
Rapid development
Large community
Open source
Great community
Object oriented
Dynamic typing
Can be used on frontend/backend
It's everywhere
Lots of great frameworks
Light weight
You can't get a device today that doesn't run js
Non-blocking i/o

So what programming language do YOU want to start with?

Find groups & spaces nearby

Learning to code isn't something you just do all alone without the support and exchange with others (or at least, it shouldn't be this way). And yeah Q&A platforms like Stackoverflow are super useful to quickly answer code-related questions. But even more powerful is finding other learners, groups/events and spaces nearby - where you can learn with others together, get quick help, exchange and massively accelerate your learning progress + staying way better motivated. ‍

So let's go: Find meetups nearby where people learn the same programming language as you.

Search nearby

Start learning

Did you complete your SkillMe profile? Including define what your goals are, the first project you want to build and your first programming language? Perfect - then you are all set to start your code learning journey. ‍

After you completed your profile you will find all the best learning content on your home page, that fit to what you want to build and learn.

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