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Join us for an open house focused on our full and part-time programs including a course perfect for absolute beginners! Learn about our



Fullstack Immersive and Data Science Immersive curricula.

Agenda: The evening will feature a presentation on its offerings along with Q&A and discussions with admissions, instructors and students. We'll talk about career services, financing options and more.

Schedule structures include full, part-time, and remote programs such as those below:


Foundation |


Fullstack (part-time) |


Fullstack Immersive (full-time) |

Data Science Immersive (full-time) |


Instructors and team members from Admissions and Careers will be there to meet and chat.

**For a complete class listing and next cohort start dates, check out our class calendar (



** Don't forget to email [masked] and check out our website


for courses**

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Nov 8
6:00PM to 7:30PM
Byte Academy
295 Madison Ave Fl 35
1 block from Grand Central; entrance on 41st btw Mad & Park

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This meetup group is for Byte Academy students, alumni and community members.  Member interests may include: education, networking, startups, programming, FinTech, MedTech, Data Science, women in tech, blockchain and more.

About Byte Academy:  Byte Academy offers industry-oriented technology education with full and part-time programs in Python Fullstack development,  and Data Science . Byte Academy’s original full-time bootcamp was the first to teach Python programming in New York City. We offer financing options and flexible schedules.

Byte Academy accepts Applications on a rolling basis.  Sign Up for our Part and Full-Time Data Science or Python Fullstack Coding bootcamps

** check out our Free, Online Pre-work @ Bytedev.co **

Please see www.byteacademy.co for more details and follow us:

Twitter:  @byteacademyco  https://twitter.com/ByteAcademyCo

Facebook: @byteacademy https://www.facebook.com/byteacademy/

Pinterest: @byteacademy https://www.pinterest.com/byteacademy/

Instagram: @byteacademy https://instagram.com/byteacademy/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/edu/school?id=171001

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Byte Academy: Python, FinTech, Blockchain,DataSci, Quant
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