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- Why developers use Version Control
- Benefits of Github for a single developer (and teams)
- Basic commands and tools for Github to get started
- Using Github to stage your site.
- Using Github to reduce errors when moving to Production

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Jan 14
7:30PM to 9:30PM
Carlsbad Village Yoga and Fitness
2801 Roosevelt St

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This WordPress Meetup is open to all who love WordPress --- join us! Learn more about WordPress Meetups at https://make.wordpress.org/community/meetups/

Who We Are <br> <br>We're a group of local WordPress developers, designers, and publishers who get together to share our knowledge and experience and to meet other WordPress users in the area. Wordpress powers over 32% of the web and is propelled by contributions from people like you — so get involved and help shape tomorrow. <br> <br>If you’ve never attended a WordPress Meetup before, here’s what you’ll get: <br> <br>• The latest news and notes on everything WordPress. From core updates to local events or WordCamps all the way to breaking info on the release of Gutenberg, we’ll try to provide it to you; <br> <br>• Topical presentations and discussions by the best and brightest in the WordPress community, aka you. We’ll offer topics from advanced level developer specific all the way down to a novice small business owner or individual interested in blogging about their puppies. We've got you covered; <br> <br>• If you are presenting at a Wordcamp, WordPress meetup or want an audience to bounce a WordPress-related idea off of, we're great listeners; and <br> <br>• Detailed learning, knowledge sharing and networking opportunities for area local WordPress developers, designers, and publishers. <br> <br>What are the WordPress Meetup ground rules? <br> <br>In line with the mission of WordPress, our meetup was established in keeping with the 5 Good Faith Rules on Make WordPress

5 Good Faith Rules of a WordPress Chapter Meetup

1. WordPress Meetups are for the benefit of the WordPress community as a whole, not specific businesses or individuals. All actions taken as an event organizer are with the best interest of the community in mind. <br> <br>2. Membership in the local meetup group is open to all who wish to join, regardless of ability, skill, financial status or any other criteria. <br> <br>3. Meetups are volunteer-run with volunteer speakers. In cases where a modest attendance fee might be necessary, this fee should only cover the costs of the meetup and should not be used to pay speakers or organizers. <br> <br>4. Meetup groups allow events to be organized by any reliable/trusted member of the community. <br> <br>5. Meetups are welcoming places where everyone works to foster an accepting environment which is free of discrimination, incitement to violence, promotion of hate, and general jerk-like behavior. <br>


We’re a friendly bunch, creating a friendly, nurturing and encouraging environment to talk WordPress. <br>

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Carlsbad WordPress Meetup
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