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Hey everybody. Got a bug you just can't land? Is there a recent CVE you've been eyeballing seductively? Just want to brush up on your APPSEC or OPSEC? Do none of the above questions make any sense, but you're interested in computer security?

PDX Exploit Workshop is the longest running security meetup in Portland (10 years!). It's an open, self driven event for people interested in computer security. Whether you're a novice or career professional, all are welcome. It's always a good time to learn about security!

We spend this dedicated time each week researching and exploring topics of software and hardware security as well as working on personal and group projects. Occasionally we have presentations on our findings. Bring a willingness to learn, a curiosity about security, and/or a specific area of interest to share with others.

This group meets in the PDX Hackerspace mainspace which has comfy seating, deluxe wifi (thanks Kyle!), Club Mate soda in the snack shack, and hackable LED displays to play around with.

p.s. This event is open to everyone! No ^H membership is required to attend. All are welcome. That means you!

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Mar 25
7:00PM to 10:00PM
CTRLH - PDX Hackerspace
7608 N Interstate Ave

About the group

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Calling all PDX Hackers and Makers! This is your space. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Hacking? What is a Hackerspace?

The essence of hacking is to take something, improve it, then share it with the rest of the world. Our Hackerspace fosters supportive community where individuals teach because they love teaching and learn because they love learning; All geared towards enabling individuals to live the lives they want to live. 

When can I come by and see the space?

Open House is every Thursday @ 7PM. 

Do I need to be a member? Am I a member?

There is meetup.com membership, on this site, that is in no way connected to PDX Hackerspace membership. Don't worry though! All events that we list on meetup.com are open to the public. This means you. Have a project or idea that you'd like to share? Find an interest group on the meetup calendar at the Hackerspace that you'd like to check out in person? You are all welcome and we hope to see you there.

How would I become a PDX Hackerspace member? 

Come to an open house or event, get a tour, fill out a membership application and, if approved, schedule an orientation and setup recurring payment. Applications are reviewed every Friday, but we sometimes have a backlog that takes a couple weeks to get through. Membership dues are $40/month and gives each member 24/7 access. 

How do you keep dues so low? 

PDX Hackerspace exists because we all want it to exist. We're incentivized by the culture that we all create, not profit. We are all volunteers. That said, if members choose to pay more than $40 per month to help support the Hackerspace, its always appreciated!

More Info

We have tons of electronic components and rapid prototyping equipment, 3D printing, laser cutting/engraving and a full woodshop! Come by for our weekly open house or check us out over at pdxhackerspace.org.

Have more questions? You can also email us: info@pdxhs.org

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CTRL-H - PDX Hackerspace
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