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This is the weekly social "outreach event" of DAO/SAC. Basically, every Wednesday at about the same time, we'll be available to chat generally about decentralization and specifically moving DAO/SAC forward locally.

I will post the actual location for that Wednesday as early in the week as possible.

Chances are, the general areas will be Carmel Valley, Mira Mesa, UTC or downtown.

Please consider this your cordial invitation to join us at the posted location any Wednesday you can make it!

Join our Telegram channel for online chats too:



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Mar 25
7:00PM to 9:00PM
TBD - To Be Decided

About the group

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This group is for everyone in the San Diego area who is currently researching DAOs and/or SACs and is interested in collaborating with us to actually create one of these structures locally. 

If you are brand new to this technology, then please consider this page your mini-tutorial for a brief overview and to get up to speed before you attend your first meetup.

Ideally you will have heard of Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and ICOs.  You don't have to be any kind of expert.  You're just somewhat familiar with what they are and roughly how they work.

The letters 'DAO' stand for Decentralized Autonomous Organization and 'SAC' stand for Sovereign Accountable Commons. (https://medium.com/metacurrency-project/sov... )

Here are a few links explaining each concept:

• SAC: 


• DAO:


Now there are probably thousands of teams and individuals around the world who are working on DAO-type projects.  To our knowledge, there's only one project working on a SAC.  Therefore, to start, we'll invite you to familiarize yourself with this project first. 

In the SAC video, you heard from Arthur Brock who is one of the lead developers of CEPTR.  CEPTR is the "mother project" of the related "child" sub-projects including: SAC, Holochain and Holo.host (there are three other components but they are not as important to know about at this time).

You can dig into the following websites and whitepapers for as superficial or deep an understanding as your time allows.  At least, please learn enough to know the difference between 'agent centricity' and 'data centricity'.  The difference will probably be very important for our dialogue moving forward.

⦁ CEPTR main website: https://ceptr.org/

Holochain website with whitepaper: https://holochain.org/

Holo (Distributed Holochain-based Hosting): https://holo.host/ and https://igg.me/at/h-o-l-o/x/17812553

Next, because the popularity and awareness of DAOs is higher, as we mentioned, there are probably thousands of teams and individuals working on them worldwide.  To even try to list them all would be overwhelming and counter productive (even IF we knew about them!).  However, we have to start somewhere, so here we offer a few that we've been looking at recently that look and sound quite promising:

⦁ DAOstack: https://www.daostack.io/

Aragon: https://aragon.org/

Colony: https://colony.io/  

Clearly we have a lot to talk about!  But before we actually meet and start talking in person, here's a bit of "meta-perspective" to frame, or contextualize, where and how this technology fits in to the bigger picture.

Reflect a while on the following Age Wave Chart (paying particular attention to the column under 'Information Age'): 

The Age Wave Chart

If we accept this chart as broadly accurate (in terms of the keywords used to define the actions, technologies and relationships between people), then we can see that our dialogue and work with this meetup is in alignment with what's called the Mega-Trend toward an Information Age.

As this chart was compiled around the late '90's/early 2000's, we have a few more keywords and concepts now to articulate better the modes of relationship and technology of the Information Age.  DAOs and SACs are of course two of them.   Others include: Prosidual, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Cryptocurrency, A.I., I.O.T., Robotics, 3D Printing, Provolution, Neural Networking, Collaborative Commons, Synocracy, Procivilization,  etc., etc.

[For a more recent packaging of some of these concepts and slightly futuristic perspective, read Jeremy Rifkin's 'Zero Marginal Cost Society': https://www.amazon.com/Zero-Marginal-Cost-Society-Collaborative/dp/1137280115/]

One other highly significant puzzle-piece to know for our Meetup collaboration, is displayed here called The 12 Principles of Community: 

12 Principles of Community

Any healthy, functional, supportive community, whether online in Cyberspace or offline in Realspace, will have all of these 12 principles encoded into it.  Strictly speaking, being principles, they are "coded" into each and every one of the individual Participants OF the community, rather than the community "itself", but of course this meetup is largely about how to code these principles into a local DAO/SAC which will be a digital representation of our physical community.

It’s worth expanding somewhat on these principles as they pertain to you actually building a DAO/SAC in collaboration with us and the other participants.  The graphic above displays the arrangement of the principles.  As you can see, Purpose is at the top as purpose is supported by all the other principles underneath it.  They are all key in creating a vibrant community, and relate synergistically together, but the big three in order of importance after Purpose are Identity, Trust and Reputation

In many cases, each principle stems from the previous principles.  Thus, Identity grows out of (shared) Purpose, Trust flows from Identity and Reputation builds from trust.

The idea here is for you to identify with the purpose of this meetup AND also identify others who share this purpose with you.  Then collaborate, trade and exchange etc., to build trust and reputation between us in fulfilling our purpose. [For more on the importance of Trust, get the book 'The Speed of Trust' by Stephen Covey: https://www.amazon.com/SPEED-TRUST-Thing-Changes-Everything/dp/1416549005/]

So just what is the core purpose of this meetup group?

To rigorously, ongoingly dialogue about and create a San Diego-based community-owned structure (DAO/SAC) to eventually directly compensate all stakeholding Participants for various actions, primary of which assist in the support and building of the community itself.

A couple of core sub-projects in support of this Purpose are:

⦁ Choreographing a San Diego-based Event (probably crypto-related/lifestyle conference or festival) to "officially" launch the structure.

⦁ Securing dedicated physical spaces (like community centres), initially where these meetups can be hosted, and eventually be used as co-working, project incubator, makerspaces, and health/wellness locations (See: https://healthaffiliate.center/22976-38.html)  .


Let's Do It!!

If this type of project tuns you on like it does us then jump in... View the videos, dig in a bit to the websites/whitepapers (maybe get the books to read later), then RSVP to our next Meetup.

We honor and acknowledge the 80/20 phenomenon (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareto_principle) which means for you, here, are you in 80% (plus!) agreement with our content and purpose?

If so, great!  Let's align...  If not, that's cool.  This type of project is not for everyone (at this stage).  We hope you gleaned some value out of this visit and perhaps we'll meet some time in the future.

Your Hosts,

Steven, James, Simran & Caleb

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