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Come join us as Alex Sutter finishes his overview of the following topics:

Last time, we covered:
* NLP/Text mining Introduction
* Key terms used in Natural language Processing
* SpaCy
* Word Vectors

This time, we'll be getting into:
* NLTK Introduction (Tokens, n-gram, bag of words)
* Sentimental Analysis of Tweets
* Text classification (Is your name Male or Female?)
* Topic modeling.

Zoom Meeting will be added soon.

These meetings are in rooms two and three in the basement of the library.

The presentation is available here:

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Oct 9
12:00PM to 1:00PM
W. Dale Clark Main Library
215 S 15th St

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Let's learn machine learning together! Join us to study machine learning through online courses and resources while putting our new skills to use through exercises and projects. We will meet up to discuss, experiment, learn, and grow!

This is a meetup that happens over lunch in downtown Omaha.

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Downtown Omaha Machine Learning Group
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