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This is a group for all Campers who want to get together and code collaboratively. We will set regular Meetups but feel free to plan your own and get together! This is a very open group dedicated to helping everyone learn together.

San Francisco, CA
Free Code Camp - Bay Area
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Learn to code with us!


Free Code Camp is a nonprofit organization of people learning to code. Meet fellow campers and either work on your own or collaborate with another. Everyone is welcome!

Our venue is provided by Bradfield School of Computer Science. Bradfield teaches a deep understanding of software engineering topics to developers aspiring to write more impactful and higher quality code. https://bradfieldcs.com/

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Apr 18
11:00AM to 5:00PM
Bradfield School of Computer Science
576 Natoma Street
Ring the doorbell! :)

On Meetup people organize groups with common interests - about everything, from software development, hardware, traveling and so much more.

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