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*** What to expect: ***

The format of this session is an informal study group to work on your Freecodecamp.org curriculum or any other projects you may have.

We ask each other questions, help each other out and chat about learning to code! Coders at all levels are welcome.

(*) The event is scheduled to start at 18:00. If you arrive earlier, you can hang out at the reception area, at level 2.
(*) There are no instructors - you should have an idea of what you will be working on.
(*) Bring Your Own laptop - If you dont have one, best you ask in advance (me or at the event's comments) if you can work with someone as a group.
(*) Sign up to FreeCodeCamp.Org! browse around and get an idea on what you would like to learn/improve.. during the event you can find experienced devs to ask questions.

*** Please note that this is not a guided session. This is a study group with no formal instructors. ***

Not used FreeCodeCamp.Org before? No worries! Beginners are welcome. Before you come, please sign up over here ( https://www.freecodecamp.org/ ) and complete the "Getting Started" section so you are ready to start coding!

For any questions, feel free to drop me a message (Shay Lavi).

*** Facilities ***
As a guest at YBF Ventures, you are asked to have full responsibility on leaving your environment clean once finished.

During the event, there will be coffee & tea available. However, food will not be provided.

This event is being held at YBF Ventures – Melbourne’s top startup hub for tech and innovation. Click here for more information -> https://ybfventures.com/working-at-ybf/

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Sep 12
6:00PM to 8:00PM
520 Bourke St
520 Bourke St

About the group

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Welcome to the Free Code Camp Melbourne meetup group. Free Code Camp Melbourne is a study group for all levels of coders who use FreeCodeCamp.org, the study group meetups are free!

We run the meet up every second week, on Tuesdays!

It's a Study Group with no instructors, we ask each other for help. Sometimes we run lightning talks from our members and others about cool things they've learnt along the way, and also feature short Q&A success stories from our members who have gotten developer roles after working through FCC!

If you haven't already signed up (free) for www.FreeCodeCamp.Org we ask that before you come you sign up and completed the "Getting Started" section, and we can give you a helping hand from there if required. 

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Free Code Camp Melbourne
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