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In this hands-on workshop, members refurbish donated computers. We are ACCEPTING LAPTOPS as well as keyboards and monitors. Learn to rehab computers, prep them to donate them to community organizations for needy kids and vets. at the same time. If you want to learn how to maintain or fix your own computer and are uneasy working on it, this workshop is for you. No experience is necessary; we will teach you. See how to check out and install both hardware, operating systems, and other software.

Refurbished units go to nonprofit groups in the community that can't afford to purchase new computers for their clients.

To visit our website click HERE (https://westchesterpcrenew.com)

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Oct 9
4:30PM to 6:30PM
Wartburg-Hauselt Building-Room 205
One Wartburg Place

What you'll learn

web development
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We are a group of tech enthusiasts and those who want to learn. We meet regularly to expand and share our knowledge. We handle, are exposed to, stay up on, and put into context, all the cutting edge as well as historical aspects of the tech that increasingly surrounds us.

We are the Meetup arm of the Westchester Personal Computer Users Group. We meet evenings in White Plains, NY, with free parking. General Meetings are free as well.

Our workshops and presentations, for beginners or advanced (or in between), include anything with a processor, from computers to smartphones to tablets to household devices, to cameras, etc.

See our website https://wpcug.org for our calendar and location of events.

Come to a General Meeting and see if we are a good fit for you!

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Greater Westchester Personal Tech and Computer Users
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web development, calen…

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