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Let's practice agile UX design and build our portfolios together!

Hi, my name's Jazz. I've been designing and making products, user experiences and service designs for some time. I've been working to properly document my work for a while, but progress is slow. And it can be hard to get good, critical feedback. Also, I'm an externally-motivated person who works best in teams, but happens to be working alone at the moment. What is there to do?

Maybe you're in a similar position. Or maybe you're just starting out. You're enrolled in a bootcamp, or you've built your own independent projects. Maybe you're looking for something simple to try out, as a case study. You're motivated, and you work hard at learning, but it's all so big. And everywhere you look, voices are telling you that your portfolio isn't good enough.

What do you do?

You make it just a little bit better. And then you iterate.

Come do it with me!

Come by MakeHartford, and join the brand-new Agile UX Team. We will:

- do peer to peer coaching.
- practice Lean UX skills for integration into modern agile teams.
- provide a deadline to present a small amount of progress.
- receive guidance on what the next small improvement should be for the next critique.
- work together on small case study projects, and coach each other on writing them up.
- critique each others' ongoing work in a constructive and safe environment.
- perform collaborative exercises in UX discovery work, such as Empathy Maps, Journey Maps, Proto-Personas, and more.
- practice techniques for validated learning, such as Landing Page Tests, Wizard Of Oz tests, paper prototyping, and others.
- build a community of motivated designers and entrepreneurs.

If you're a self-starter, are changing careers, or have lots of experience but feel stuck in a rut, come by and give working together a shot!

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Nov 8
6:00PM to 8:00PM
30 Arbor Street, B7

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MakeHartford.com,which opened in January 2014, is Hartford's first MakerSpace community of artists, technologists, and entrepreneurs dedicated to hands-on innovation. We are where minds create matter.

Where are you located?

We are located in the basement at 30 Arbor Street, the building next to Real Art Ways. Almost every Wednesday night, we have a free Open House from 6:30 -9PM. (See the schedule of Meetups for more information or to sign-up. Walk-ins always welcome.)

Do you offer classes to learn how to use tools and equipment?

Yes we do! Everyone was a beginner at some point. Check our website for a detailed listing of past and future classes. Most classes have a small material and instructor fee to help cover our costs. We do everything we can to keep class costs as low as possible. 

Where can I park?

You may park in the front, side, or rear of our building. Our landlord also owns the Real Art Ways building and it's connected lots. You may park in any of these lots or the street, which is not metered. Basically, as long as it's a legal parking space (not reserved for handicapped or in front of a fire hydrant) you will be fine.

What is a Makerspace?

MakerSpaces are community centers with tools and people to help you use them. The concept started in the late 1990's and there are now thousands of them around the country and the world. We started as just an idea in 2012 and opened in 2014. It took awhile, but we now we have space, tools, members and are growing rapidly.

What sort of equipment do you have?

Makerspaces, like ours, combine manufacturing equipment, community, and education for the purposes of enabling any member to design, prototype and create almost anything they want. We can make things that wouldn’t be possible to create with the resources available to most individuals working alone. We have some impressive equipment such as 3-D Printers, Laser cutters, milling machines as well as simple saws and hammers. And not everything we do uses tools, since our members are also involved in knitting, Origami and bread-making. We are a space for people who want to do something and if it involves "doing" then we "do it."

Best of all, we help each other do and get better at what we do. Got "Know-how" and want to show us? Whatever it is, we have members who are interested in learning about it:  Origami, soldering, wood working, knitting, pottery, programming, brewing beer,  Lasers, drones/UAV, arduino, electronics, jewelry, business startups and prototyping, and/or deconstruction.  Let's share tools, skills and space and most of all - knowledge!

Some activities and meetings are free as public Meetups, while some other activities and classes have a small fee to compensate the instructor and to pay for materials. There is also a variety of memberships, which enable you to access and use any of the equipment at the space.  We are non-profit and not commercial, a volunteer community group - like a club or a small group of friends and we work together as a team to keep costs down. Any fees are used strictly for our workshop rent and other associated costs only. 

Join us today and let's make !

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