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Start into an exciting and productive day with 45 minutes of mindful meditation.

>>>> IMPORTANT: Find us at the Wellness Hub at Level 1 <<<<

This class is open to all levels and is conveniently located in the centre of town in St Collin's Lane. A peaceful escape to the hustle and bustle of the city.

The meditation is facilitated by Anthony Hudson. Anthony uses music, energy and guidance to take the participants on a journey within to heal. It is a very unique experience and every session brings about a new journey.

Please book your spot using the link below:


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Oct 10
7:30AM to 8:15AM
St. Collins Lane
260 Collins St

About the group

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Melbourne Silicon Beach (MSB) is an informal group for anyone interested in founding or working in startups, dev/design in web/mobile tech, IoT, freelancing, investing or working with people in that space. We are a diverse bunch covering all ages, backgrounds and first point of call for newcomers to the startup community in Melbourne.

Have a look at our brand new website (currently in public beta) and SiliconNews, our publication on Medium. Got something to say? All our members are welcome to submit articles for publication. For more information connect with us on SB Oz Slack channel.

Watch past 90second pitches at our flagship monthly event - MSB Pitch Nights on Silicon Beach TV. Listen to our podcasts on Silicon Beach Radio

Silicon Beach Meetups happen around Australia and there is a discussion group at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/sil...

Our regular monthly MSB Pitch Night happens on the first Thursday night of every month (except January). They usually attract around 100 - 150 Silicon Beachers. They are FREE networking events purposely kept very unstructured, so that our members can chat and get to know each other over a drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic).

Main feature is the 90 second pitch segment where anyone is encouraged to pitch their idea, startup, app or whatever. This is an excellent way to get used to pitching and get feedback from a bunch of non judgemental peers. While we call it a Pitch Night, it’s more of an Open Mic Night for anyone in the startup community or provide products and/or services to startups. 

We also host Open Coworking Days (OCWDs), Lunch & Learns at OCWDs, educational events and collaborations with our Sponsors & Partners. We are not funded by governments or any grants. Sponsorships are what keeps us going. Here’s our Sponsor Deck.

MSB is about you, we provide you the platform that will enable you to be that awesome startup founder, tech founder, coder, freelancer or whoever you want to be.

Join us and help us make Australia the #2 ranked startup nation in the world by 2025. That’s our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). We are currently #5 [source: Startup Blink]

Melbourne Silicon Beach
Empowering Founders

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Melbourne Silicon Beach
/ group
IoT, Segment

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