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This Month we have two presenters

Session 1

Thomas Tyack - Solutions Architect, Sitecore Specialist, Sitecore MVP 2019

Presenting on Blitzing Google Page Speed Scores on SXA Builds.

Session 2

Felix Lawi is an experienced QA professional with 10+ years of experience. His work experience spans through working in leading organisations in financial, retail, and utilities in US and Australia

He will present on the scaling quality with acceptance testing during development.

The solution that's been introduced is via automated acceptance testing during development. As developers build new features, their work is constantly regression tested end-to-end, highlighting any obvious issues that should be addressed before they are passed to QA.

Felix will showcase how to perform this with Specflow and Selenium, how to enable parallel testing, and how the tests are structured with the rest of Sitecore solution and the benefits from this approach.

Delicious nibbles and drinks will be provided. RSVP yes, come along, look forward to seeing you there.

9th floor – 360 Elizabeth Street (Melbourne Central Tower)

You will need to go to the 10th floor using the lifts and then head down from the 10th floor to the 9th.

Some signs will be posted to help you navigate.

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Sep 12
6:00PM to 9:00PM
360 Elizabeth St
360 Elizabeth St

About the group

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A group for Sitecore Developers, Architects, Content Managers and Marketing professionals to exchange ideas and to network.

Our Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtU_EwJt5V054pxhuI9MUZQ/videos

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Melbourne Sitecore CMS Meetup
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