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Whether you're a freelancer who works out of your house, a corporate cubicle dweller, or somewhere in between, sometimes it feels good to hang out with like-minded people. If you have the ability to remote work, and want to spend the day working on your stuff in the company of other awesome people working on their stuff then this is your opportunity! We'll meet up once a month on the second Friday of each month!

#memtech coworking at Midsouth Makers is a free event thanks to the generous support of the makers.

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Feb 14
9:00AM to 12:00PM
Midsouth Makers
2804 Bartlett Road #3

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Memphis Technology User Groups is a community calendar for technology user groups in the Memphis area. The account hosts events from the following organizations:

    Memphis Game Developers, Dev Memphis, Memphis Web Workers, Memphis .Net User Group, Memphis PASS Chapter, Memphis PHP, Memphis Python User Group, Wordpress Memphis,  and more!

All groups welcome visitors of all experience levels.

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Memphis Technology User Groups
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