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It’s time for our next Mobile Developers meetup with talks on calming deployment and what you can learn from building a React Native game.

Doors open at 6 and we’ll start the talks around 6:30pm. Food and drinks (including non-alcoholic) will be provided.


We are always looking for 20-30 minute technical talks (and shorter 5-8 minute talks) related to mobile development. That’s a pretty broad topic so feel free to be creative. First time speakers are encouraged. You can reach out to the organizers or fill in a proposal at https://www.papercall.io/sf-mobile-developers.

Code of Conduct:
All events hosted at PubNub are covered under the Code of Conduct: https://bit.ly/pnmeetcode

Talk #1: Release Management: Deployment Chaos to Clockwork

Description: Perhaps your team’s product or startup has started hitting heavy growth, and your current shoot-from-the-hip method of shipping change & managing production incidents simply isn’t scaling. Or perhaps your product has been in existence for years, with large, long-tenured customers averse to change- but your engineers drowning in antiquated process in desperate need of an overhaul. Either way, the process of deployment & quality of releases are “generally bad” for both your customers and engineering. How do you break “generally bad” down to actionable items your company can address to measurably improve the deployment process?

Bio: Katherine Cass has held several roles in Release Management, beginning as a Release Manager for the core Salesforce Platform. She is currently a member of the Einstein team, setting up the Build, Release & Deploy process for Salesforce’s recently released AI product, Einstein Platform. Katherine has been setting up & optimizing development, build and release processes to optimize for quality for 3+ years. In this time, she has also consulted & presented on Release Management best practices to both customers and the broader community. This presentation is a distillation of repeat themes she’s encountered in doing so for 20+ different products and services of varying scale. She is passionate about making technology more accessible, volunteering with Hour of Code and the Vis Valley Middle School maker’s club in her free time in addition to mentoring Hackbright and YearUp program graduates.

Talk #2: Building a Realtime Multiplayer Game in React Native

Description: As a newbie to React Native, I will talk about my personal experience working on a realtime tic tac toe game in React Native and the challenges I faced in the process. I will go over the components of the app and do a live demo of the game.

Bio: Oscar Castro is a Developer Relations Intern at PubNub who loves to work on a variety of projects and write blog posts about them. Oscar likes to play catch with his dog, jam to Slipknot, and re-watch the original Star Trek series!

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Aug 13
6:00PM to 8:00PM
460 Bryant St Floor 2

About the group

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Mobile Developers Group is for passionate developers who are seeking education on cutting edge mobile technology and networking opportunities with industry professionals.  Come join us for topics on: Android, iOS, Realtime Mobile API’s, Third Party Mobile SDKs, Mobile Web and Cryptocurrency Payments.  

We will begin the meetup with a networking session, followed by an industry professional talk, and will give an opportunity for anyone to present projects they are working on (please contact the organizer in advance), with an additional networking session to close.

Students, Educators and Developers are welcome.  All membership requests must come from applications that allow their photos to be visible.

We are excited for you to join our thriving and supportive community!

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Mobile Developer Group
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