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Authentication & Authorization: OAuth

Learn to implement the OAuth 2. 0 framework to allow users ...


Source: Udacity
Learn to implement the OAuth 2. 0 framework to allow users to securely and easily login to your web applications.

Lesson 1 Authentication vs. Authorization Learn the difference between authentication and authorization. Learn how OAuth 2.0 makes implementing security easier for developers and users. See OAuth 2.0 in action as you make API requests using Google's OAuth 2.0 Playground. Lesson 2 Creating a Google+ Sign-In Learn about the different types of security flows your application can implement. See how security can be handled by your server and your user's browser. Add a Google+ Sign-In to an existing web application and implement a hybridized client/server flow. Lesson 3 Local Permission Systems Add python code to create server-side rules that will constitute a permission system. Limit access of the database for each logged in user based on how the developer designs this code. Add a User model model to your database to store the credentials collected from the OAuth provider's API. Lesson 4 Adding Facebook & Other Providers Learn to implement multiple OAuth providers on your web application. Add Facebook Login as an alternative sign in option for your users. Understand how to use OAuth provider documentation to add as many providers as you see fit.
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