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Intro to Computer Science

Learn key computer science concepts in this introductory ...


Source: Udacity
Learn key computer science concepts in this introductory Python course. You'll learn by doing, and will build your own search engine and social network.

Lesson 1 Write your First Computer Program Sergey Brin's advice on learning to program. Get started on your first Python program. How to create and use variables in Python. Lesson 2 Write Programs to do Repeating Work Introducing procedures. Sum procedure with a return statement. Equality comparisons and more. Lesson 3 How to Manage Data Nested lists. A list of strings. Aliasing and more. Lesson 4 Responding to Queries Data structures. Lookup. Building the Web Index and more. Lesson 5 How Programs Run Measuring speed. Spin loop. Index size vs. time and more. Lesson 6 How to Have Infinite Power Infinite power. Counter. Recursive definitions and more. Lesson 7 Past, Present, and the Future of Computing Past of computing. Slac and Big Data. Open Source and more.
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