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Intro to Relational Databases

Relational databases are a powerful tool used throughout the ...


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Relational databases are a powerful tool used throughout the industry. Learn the basics of SQL and how to connect your Python code to a relational database.

Lesson 1 Data and Tables Learn about how relational databases let you structure data into tables. Learn about the importance of unique keys and relationships between tables. Lesson 2 Elements of SQL Begin learning SQL, the Structured Query Language used by most relational databases. Learn about the select and insert statements, the basic operations for reading and writing data. Learn about the operators and syntax available to get the database to scan and join tables for you. Lesson 3 Python DB-API Learn how to access a relational database from Python code. Use a virtual machine (VM) to run a Python web application with a database. Common security pitfalls of database applications, including the famous Bobby Tables. Lesson 4 Deeper Into SQL Learn how to design and create new databases. Learn about normalized design, which makes it easier to write effective code using a database. Learn how to use the SQL join operators to rapidly connect data from different tables.
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