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Programming Foundations with Python

Introductory programming class to learn Object-Oriented ...


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Introductory programming class to learn Object-Oriented Programming, a must-have technique to reuse and share code easily. Learn by making projects that spread happiness!

Lesson 1 Introduction Get ready for Python! Download and install Python on your computer. Lesson 2 Using Functions Use functions from the Python Standard Library to build two projects. Explore a scenario where using functions will not be a good solution. Explore a powerful new tool called classes. Lesson 3 Using Classes Practice object-oriented programming concepts like classes and instances. Build three cool projects with classes. Learn to use packages and modules like Twilio. Lesson 4 Making Classes How to create a class. How to instantiate an object. How to access class attributes and methods. Lesson 5 Final Project How to identify a problem statement and idea for a project. Identify step-by step directions to design a solution. Leverage step-by-step strategies to make your own project.
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