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Open Uptown's originally formed in Chicago as "Code & Coffee: Uptown Brigade." Our signature event involves code, co-working, and coffee every Wednesday morning at Emerald City. Bring a laptop and come hang with your neighbors.

• Join us on Slack (https://uptown-codes.herokuapp.com).

• Bring your own projects to work on or share.

• Get help or help others

• Learn about Civic Technology project night, our other event.

• C8H10N4O2 with your friends.
This meetup is hosted with lots of love for our community. We depend on the members we serve to continue engaging Uptown & Chicago with regular, civic technology meetups! Please make a tax deductible donation to Open Uptown (via Code for America) if you believe in what we're doing.

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Oct 9
9:00AM to 12:00PM
Emerald City Coffee
1224 W Wilson Ave

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We are a Code for America brigade in Chicago. Open Uptown is committed to fostering an inclusive space for civic technologists and community members to collaborate. Slack, GitHub, etc.

We have a Code of Conduct, please read it. Let us know if there's a problem. This is a safe space for everyone

Some other technology groups in Chicago who inspire us and you should know about:

Chi Hack Night

ChiPy and the phenomenal ChiPy Mentorship Program

• Code & Coffee: Southside Edition

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Open Uptown
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