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Are you fan of Javascript? and React? We are pairing on building a new front end in React for our charity AgileVentures www.agileventures.org

Come hang out with us and pair!

Hangout link will be shared at the start of the event

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Mar 26
7:00AM to 8:00AM
Online using Google Hangouts

About the group

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Like coding? Want to interact with and learn more from other baller coders? Got an internet connection and a Google Hangouts account? Wow, you rock - it's time for you to get pairing!

In this group you'll meet friendly peers to connect, hack, and collaborate with. We meet virtually at least once a week:

Why try pair programming if you haven't before?

  1. Learn new tricks and skills
  2. Teach others and improve your communication ability
  3. Get feedback and insight on things you're making
  4. Make new friends and enjoy hanging out with like minded people :)
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Remote Pair Programming
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web development

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