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This presentation will focus on
DQN - Deep Q-Network
Time permitting, we may briefly touch
Double Q Learning
Dueling DQN
Member Presentation of pybullet/Maze code ( if any)

We want to grow an


community in Rockville Science Space.
We welcome enthusiasts from all experience levels We encourage experts or more experienced members to join, and help in guiding our beginner

& DL Enthusiasts.

What you need to bring is Curiosity..

Artificial Intelligence is a way of Life, it is here to stay, and everyday, it becomes more and more a part of our lives.

This series of talks will focus on the impacts of Deep Learning with respect to Reinforcement Learning. Our goal is to create practical projects with a little theory mixed in.

I will do an overview of key concepts of RL , a preview of


related technical concepts.

I will set up a preface for Tensorflow and Keras.
In the latter sessions, we will be exploring Tensorflow paired with Keras, using


and Jupyter Notebooks.

This is a multi-part talk, so don't miss out on the foundation.

Suggested RoadMap.
1) RL Basics
2) RL Basics & OPEN


3) Introductory (Bellman Equation, Markov Decision Process, Q-Learning)
4) Deeper Dive in MDP, Q-Learning and DNQ using Open


Standard Textbook: Reinforcement Learning by Richard S Sutton & Barto


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Feb 16
3:00PM to 5:00PM
Rockville Memorial Library
Rockville Town Square Plaza

About the group

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Welcome to RSC Makerspace at the Rockville Memorial Library in Town Center! This is a new public makerspace as a service to local residents and represents county support of science and technology initiatives.  

The mission of Rockville Science Center, Inc. (RSC) is to inspire a passion for lifelong exploration of science for our diverse community.  Through our programs and quest to bring a permanent interactive Science Center to Rockville and Montgomery County, we work to cultivate a sense of inquiry, discovery, wonder and understanding of the scientific foundations of everyday life.

In 2016 Montgomery County solicited Rockville Science Center (RSC) to coordinate staffing and programs for this exciting new space.  Our all-volunteer makerspace group serves our local area by providing patrons access to tools and makerspace resources. We inspire collaboration and have a lot of fun creating together!

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Rockville RSC Makerspace
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