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We have lined up this month: a talk on Svelte and how it shakes up how we compose and create apps by pulling Javascript into a compiler to generate lean apps, exploration into implementing the seek method using nodejs and Sequelize for faster data set retrieval and last but not least, a review of modern


graphics rendering options, including SVG, canvas, and WebGL and their application towards charts and games.

🎙Talks 🎙

1. Svelte: streamlined, lightweight web apps (by @anontyro)
2. Seeking the right Page (by @KeelinChan)
3. Graphics in


, for Business and Leisure (by @JeremySmoler)

Check them out here:




7.00pm: Doors open - mingle with speakers and guests over snacks and drinks from the pantry (no pizza this month)!

7.20pm: Opening address by host

7.30pm: Start of scheduled talks

8.55pm: Open announcements

9.00pm: End of event

🎤Open announcements

If you have a short announcement you'd like to share with the audience, you may do so during the open announcements segment.

📣Want to speak next month? 📣

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Sep 11
7:00PM to 9:00PM
Cloudflare - Singapore
182 Cecil St

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We are developers interested in sharing knowledge and growing our skills around JavaScript, Node.js, and the modern web. Chat with us on Gitter

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JavaScript, Node.js, …

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