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The purpose of the SF Crypto Product Manager Coalition is to build community amongst Crypto PMs. Developing dApps is hard, and knowing what to develop is even harder. If the crypto ecosystem is going to succeed, we must collaborate, encourage, and support each other. Developers have robust communities, and it's increasingly important that PMs have a community too.

Join us for the 3rd SF Crypto Product Manager Coalition meetup at Starfish Mission!

Andrew Cassetti, product manager at Wyre, will be giving a presentation on one of the biggest challenges in crypto: fiat onboarding.

Networking will begin at 630pm and the presentation will start at 7pm.


*A video link will provided in the Discord channel for those not in SF to join remotely*

Don't forget to join the conversation on Discord! https://discord.gg/CPCaRZ

The group's Trello board is here: https://trello.com/invite/b/FU52xFXI/3ece3c5f9613304e7e0a33b5447301be/sf-pm-crypto-coalition

About the Space:
Starfish Mission is a hub for emerging tech communities with a focus on blockchain/Web3 and AI, based out of the mid-market area in San Francisco. As an organization, and network, Starfish is committed to creating spaces and learning networks for a community of builders, and doers.

Offerings at Starfish include coworking and office space, curated industry events, and education. To schedule a tour visit www.starfish.network.

Reach us at [masked] or visit https://www.starfishcommunity.com/. You can sign up here: https://www.starfishcommunity.com/events

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Aug 13
6:30PM to 8:30PM
Starfish Mission
1535 Mission St.

About the group

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Starfish is an ecosystem for founders and builders in emerging tech, with its roots in the blockchain community. We host a range of value-driven events, peer-to-peer learning groups, panels and talks.

Join the community and get inspired today.

Our Telegram group: https://t.me/starfishcommunity

Our Website: https://starfishcommunity.com

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Starfish Mission - San Francisco Blockchain Events
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