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Free conversational English class - best suited for beginner/elementary level or for intermediate level speakers who would like to sharpen their speaking/listening skills. Join us to make new friends while improving your English. Feel free to bring snacks to share. Children under 5 are welcome as long as they don't distract. You can set up an area for them to play or watch something - they can have a playdate:)

There will be homework after each class which should take about an hour or so to complete.

Reading/speaking homework will be provided by the instructor. Grammar homework will be from RosettaStone workbooks - links will be shared with participants.

Looking forward to seeing many of you there!
Location: IRES Tutoring & Camps
14153 Robert Paris Ct Chantilly, VA

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Oct 9
10:00AM to 12:00PM
14153 Robert Paris Ct
14153 Robert Paris Ct

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This is a group for parents and anyone interested in learning & teaching. Our meetups include free or paid tutoring sessions, science and tech demos, hiking/biking and other outdoor events, workshops for teachers with networking opportunities, educational coaching and mentoring and maybe even some parenting seminars/webinars. 

Looking for fun activities for your children or teens? You are wondering how you can get involved with fun and/or educational activities as a family? Looking for events to join as a group that you are mentoring? You are at the right place. Come along for some fun learning and networking!

Let us know if you have an idea or would like to organize a meetup. We would love to hear from you!

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NoVA Teaching and Learning Club
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