Core team
Sasha Iatsenia
Head of Product at KiwiCampus (delivery robots, driving at universities around the US), entrepreneur.
Mitch Altman
Inventor, entrepreneur, expert on the hackerspace movement.


It’s incredible what people are able to build using code - from software that changes how we interact with each other, commute & so much more, over software that helps local communities up to fun projects expressing the creators creativity.

Coding isn’t everyone’s passion - but everyone should have the best chance possible to explore coding and learn it. But learning only works if you adapt to everyone’s individual needs, preferences and goals. That’s why I created SkillMe not just as a search engine for the best code learning resources, but more like learning hub that gives you suggestions - like a digital mentor.

Because having a mentor always on your side, allows you to find the best learning resources, keep in mind what you learn for and stay motivated - wherever your learning journey brings you.


All the power to those who aren’t heard!

While a lot has improved over the decades - we still live in a world where inequality and discrimination is part of everday’s life for many people around the globe. That’s why SkillMe stands & fights for equality - for the LGBTQ community, woman, people of color and all the other groups who aren’t heard - and still underrepresented in the tech industry - let’s fight to change this!

Be yourself, be comfortable

Don’t worry about what other people might think about you, but be yourself. Come to work in whatever outfit you feel most comfortable  in - casual jeans, a dress, a cat onesie or whatever else you prefer and makes you happy & creative.

Be excellent to each other

Everyone has a better life when we respect each other, support each other and be nice and authentic to each other. At SkillMe there is  absolutely NO space for harassment, aggressive behaviour, racism, sexism or mansplaining!

User experience first

Don’t be a perfectionist, that keeps you away from sharing amazing ideas & products. But always focus on making SkillMe the best learning hub our users want and love. An amazing user experience on and around SkillMe is the foundation of our platform - and no revenue model, business decision or marketing plan is allowed to risk this foundation.

Let’s work together to make SkillMe the
most used & loved code learning hub worldwide!
Marco Bartsch, creator of SkillMe

I am looking for team members, especially with experience in
software dev (backend) or marketing/user growth