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Hey !

greets from Taipei! While exploring Taiwan for the first time I continue to work intensively on making SkillMe the code learning hub you love to use every day. The result: another month has passed and SkillMe became even more useful - with a lot of exciting new features, improvements and more news. Let’s dive into it!
Changes on SkillMe
Reduced main target group - to people who know what technology they want to start learning (for example Python, JavaScript, AI, game development, etc.).

Test it yourself on https://heyskill.me.
Rebuilt the landing page & home page, optimized for this group.

Test it yourself on https://heyskill.me.
Added calendar sync of RSVPd events - so you always see your upcoming events in your calendar.

Test it yourself by "RSVP" to an event on https://heyskill.me.
Added map preview for search - so you can see where events are nearby you.

Test it yourself on https://heyskill.me/search.
Added City filter - so you can easily search for events in specific cities.

Test it yourself on https://heyskill.me/search.
Auto filter results by your experience level (for beginner / for advanced).

Test it yourself on https://heyskill.me/search.
Improved search suggestions - so you can quickly access the most relevant search queries.

Test it yourself on https://heyskill.me.
Improved content recommendations.

Test it yourself on https://heyskill.me.
Added welcome email with best learning content recommendations.

Test it yourself, sign up on https://heyskill.me/signup.
Added weekly mail about upcoming events this week.

Test it yourself, sign up on https://heyskill.me/signup.
Added event reminder via email - so you won't forget that coding event you wanted to go to.

Test it yourself, sign up on https://heyskill.me/signup.
SkillMe is now also on Instagram! Feel free to follow SkillMe and stay tuned for the start of more communication online!:)
Next steps
  • πŸ—£ promote SkillMe more - online, at existing events & by organizing events
  • πŸ” Improve the quality of suggestions even further
  • πŸ‘€ Add plan options, to switch between the Free & (paid) Plus plan
  • πŸ” Add more sources, for even better recommendations
New timeline
It's time to set concrete goals, with concrete numbers. So, besides improving SkillMe even further I will focus on promoting SkillMe, to reach those numbers up to the end of June:
  • 50 daily active users (Currently: 14)
  • 500 monthly active users (Currently: 228)
  • 50 signed up users (Currently: 10)
New learnings
πŸ‘₯ Don't target too many groups
After a while you don't see the forest full of trees anymore - what makes it so important and valuable to meet new people, tell them about what you are doing and get a fresh perspective from someone else on what you do. Recently I met a new friend and had a long and deep conversation about SkillMe, who I try to reach and how all of this connects with my motivations in life. One of the important learnings I made in this conversation: I was focusing again on too many groups at the same time without noticing it (beginners who know what technology they want to learn, those who don't know what to learn and advanced developers who want to extend their skills).

πŸ’» Don't get lost in endless development
In the last weeks, I noticed quite a few bugs and important features which I was missing, to better help me finding interesting coding events nearby. And while those features are definitely very useful, I am also aware that as a developer you can quickly get lost in always just improving a project and make it even more useful, without ever communicating to users.

That's why I will focus the coming weeks much more on actually promoting SkillMe - to prevent getting lost in always just improving SkillMe, without feedback from users besides me.
Other updates
After a few days in Singapore, I am in Taipei now. Visiting and exploring Taiwan for the first time, while continue working on SkillMe and making it better and better every day. On a personal note: the last days have been a bit of an emotional up and down, where at some days I am certain it was a good idea to stay in Taiwan up to June 24 - and on other days I question that. But I am optimistic I will have a great time and meet quite a few more awesome people, at Makerspaces, Hackerspaces, and code learning events.

And as soon as I am back in Berlin I will also start organizing events again, to help people learn specific languages & frameworks, like Python, JavaScript, Django, etc. - with the help of SkillMe:)

Stay tuned and have a great June!
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