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Hey !

greets from Berlin! After a month in Asia I am now back in Germany, where I will also organize the first 'SkillMe - Code in Berlin' meetup, in July! And this is just one of the many changes on SkillMe! Let's dive into what else happened in June.
Changes on SkillMe
I rebuilt how searches are processed - now with an even better result quality!

Test it yourself on https://heyskill.me/search.
Dynamically recommended filters + see directly how many results you get when you apply those filters.

Test it yourself on https://heyskill.me/search.
With the mini search you can now search for & directly apply filters, search your saved favorites and autocomplete your query with technologies you are searching for. All this makes searching so much faster!

Test it yourself on https://heyskill.me.
Sync your video progress between all your devices - so you can start a video on your phone and continue it later on your computer (or the other way around).
(Sync requires a free account on SkillMe)

Test it yourself on https://heyskill.me.
Dark mode! Simply visit SkillMe in Safari on MacOS Mojave, Chrome 76 & newer - or iOS 13 with dark mode on your device enabled.

Test it yourself on https://heyskill.me.
Learning suggestions on Social Media! Now you will also see helpful learning recommendations to the best books, videos, online courses, events & more - if you follow SkillMe on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
The first SkillMe co-learning meetup! If you are in Berlin in the next weeks - join us at one of our repeating code learning events. We start with co-learning events for Python and web development. Please let me know - what kind of events would you like to see? Talks? Workshops? Or something else?

Stay tuned for the exact date and location - I will keep you updated via newsletter and social media.
Next steps
  • πŸ” Improve the quality of suggestions online & via email even further
  • πŸ” Improve the landing page further, making it even more accessible for new users and even more helpful
  • πŸ—£ promote SkillMe more - online, at existing events & by organizing events
  • πŸ‘₯ look more actively for team members - online, at existing events & by organizing events
  • πŸ” Add more sources, for even better recommendations
New timeline
Even while I missed the original growth goals for June, the numbers still have improved quite a bit - and the goals remain the same, but this time for end of July:
  • 50 daily active users (Currently: 19, πŸ“ˆ+36% from last month)
  • 500 monthly active users (Currently: 369, πŸ“ˆ+62% from last month)
  • 50 signed up users (Currently: 16, πŸ“ˆ+60% from last month)
New learnings
πŸ—“ Tasks always take longer then expected...
When I recently rebuilt the code that processes search queries on SkillMe and requests / processes them in the frontend, I expected to complete this within a few days. But in the end, it was more like 2 weeks (with some smaller bug fixing To Do's still open).

πŸ‘₯ I need team members, in marketing & coding
On the one side, it was incredibly motivating and exciting to realize that I am not longer limited by someone else's software and can build whatever I want to build. But in recent weeks I also realized more and more the importance of working with others together. It's just getting too much for a single person - so many to do's, but only so much time and I can't do everything from marketing to frontend development to backend development, user tests, etc. all at the same time without paying less attention to one of those areas.
One way how I addressed this was by partially automating social media marketing. More specific: I created a script that automatically creates images and posts for learning content & technologies I manually selected for promoting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
The other part is that I will search more actively for team members the next weeks - online on AngelList, messaging people who work at ed-tech/code-teaching startups, go to code learning events and also by hosting the 'SkillMe - Code in Berlin' events the upcoming weeks.

πŸ’΅ I need to find funding for SkillMe
So far I completely bootstrapped SkillMe with my own money, without any external funding and without having any relevant income directly via SkillMe (yes I use the affiliate programs of Amazon and Udemy, but didn't make any relevant income so far).
But after having in the last 1-2 years also some experience with running frighteningly low on money, I feel more and more the urge to get to the point of being able to pay my bills with working on SkillMe only. This topic is also closely connected to the need for more team members - since finding members who are also passioned to work on SkillMe also opens up being able to join accelerator programs or applying for grants. So in addition to looking more actively for team members, I will also look out more actively for getting funding/grants for SkillMe.

Other updates
I am back in Berlin - and will stay here now for a while, at least up to end of August.

Stay tuned and have a great July!
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