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Hey !

greets from Berlin! Over the last month there have been a lot of exciting changes on SkillMe & important learnings for the future. Let’s dive into it!
Changes on SkillMe
I started organizing the first SkillMe co-learning meetups! And it was super exciting so far - nice atmosphere, mixed group of people and everyone learned something new. Want to join us in Berlin?

RSVP and join us tomorrow to learn web development: https://hskl.me/70b7

Or next week to learn Python: https://hskl.me/9dhi
Every time you visit the home page, you now get different learning suggestions - so you can always explore something new!

Test it yourself on https://heyskill.me.
Now you can easily search for all your saved favorites, events you visited or want to visit and your browsing history on SkillMe. Found some cool content on SkillMe but forgot the name? Exactly - that's where your history can be super useful.

See your favorites
See your events
See your result history
Maybe you noticed over the last days some things not working well on SkillMe. But don't worry - I prioritized working on them and now also made sure I get notified when a new error appears.
Next steps
  • 🐞 fix bugs to make sure you have a seamless experience on SkillMe
  • πŸ” Improve the quality of suggestions even further
  • ✈️ Visiting the US, to find more users, feedback and people interested in help improving SkillMe
  • πŸ‘₯ SkillMe co-learning meetups in the Bay Area, most likely in San Francisco, possibly also in Oakland or Berkeley.
  • πŸ“ˆ Build a custom analytics dashboard, for better insights in what people learn on SkillMe, how to improve SkillMe further (and because Mixpanel and Google Analytics don't seem to be reliable enough) and to have a better overview of all the backend scripts
New timeline
Yeah the user numbers are getting better and better. Thanks especially to all the learners from the co-learning meetups which I started organizing in Berlin. So - it's time to set a new, higher goal for end of next month:
  • 50 daily active users (Currently: 30, πŸ“ˆ+58% from last month)
  • 1500 monthly active users (Currently: 727, πŸ“ˆ+97% from last month)
  • 100 signed up users (Currently: 45, πŸ“ˆ+181% from last month)
New learnings
πŸ‘₯ Finding committed team members can be tricky
I was happy to see people now only getting interested in using SkillMe, but also help building & promoting it. But as it turned out again, especially if you meet people online (via AngelList) who live in a different country, collaboration can be tricky and people quickly jump off.
Offline however - at the code learning events which I organized - I feel it's much more likely to meet people who want to actively help working on your project. Plus of course living in the same city makes it much easier as well. So in the next weeks I will continue organizing co-learning events and also hope to find more collaborators this way.

⭐️ No new sources for now, but focus on quality & performance
Someone who I met at one of the co-learning events made me aware that I need to focus much even more on improving the existing resources and user experience, before adding additional resources to SkillMe. Yeah, good point. And my priority for August.

❀️ I love to organize & support learning events
Building a website is exciting, but helping people in person and getting appreciation back for my help is something I love as well - and nearly forgot how important it is for me. That's why I won't only continue organize co-learning events, but also want to get more engaged with helping hackathons and other events - especially those focusing on minority groups in the tech industry.

πŸ’» Don't forget to include bug trackers in your code
A small and super basic thing I just recently learned - which had a huge impact on SkillMe - was how to catch errors in Python and forward them, for example as a Slack notification or E-Mail. And suddenly, after waking up with > 100 Slack notifications - I realized that I missed many errors in my code (both in the front end and back end). Guess I should have researched that even earlier. But now since I am aware of what's going wrong on SkillMe, I can work much better on fixing all the major bugs - to make sure you have the best experience possible on SkillMe.

Other updates
I had a good time so far in Berlin, especially because of the friends I stay with, the people I was able to help at the co-learning events and the people I met at the events. And now I am looking forward to the next weeks in Berlin and my upcoming US trip starting mid August. If you want to meet in the Bay Area or know of awesome communities and events - let me know!

Stay tuned and have a great August!
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