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Hey !

Wonder how SkillMe is progressing? Here is a quick update on what changed over the last week:
The first ever SkillMe meetup is happening this week!🎉 Starting with a co-learning event for beginners in Python on Friday and a co-learning event for web development next week. Any wishes for our meetups - things we should do, topics we should cover - or anything else? Let me know via E-Mail!

Join us at one of our upcoming events: https://hskl.me/oqj8.
More dynamic suggestions on your home screen! Now we show you a different set of results every time you visit your home page on SkillMe (but of course always related to technologies you learn). Have fun exploring new learning content more easily!

Test it yourself on https://heyskill.me.
Improvements, fixes and more improvements and fixes. For example you should get even better event suggestions via e-mail. Just make sure the SkillMe website can access your location - so we don't show you events far away from you.

Update your location by visiting https://heyskill.me.
Next steps
The next days I will further improve the home screen - making it even easier to discover great learning content, do more bug fixes/improvements on the search page, promote SkillMe further, prepare for the SkillMe meetup on Friday and probably also start building new scrapers for existing sources - and.... to add new learning sources to SkillMe!
Stay tuned for the next update and have fun on SkillMe!
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