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Hey !

greets from San Francisco! Maybe you wondered why you haven't received any weekly updates recently. Well, I want to keep the weekly updates relevant for all of you, by only sending weekly updates with changes you all directly profit from. However, over the last weeks I was mostly super busy with fixing stuff behind the scenes - let's dive into the details:
Changes on SkillMe
We now have a Discord group! (repacing the Facebook group) Join discussions about upcoming SkillMe events (including upcoming events in San Francisco and probably also Berkeley!) and ask any coding questions you might have!

Join us online on Discord!
I created a custom bug tracking system - so I can see and fix bugs much easier, instead of scrolling over endless log entries or getting hundreds of notification.
I created a custom analytics dashboard. In addition to seeing all the current bugs and failed scripts, this analytics dashboard also allows me to see the most common searches (and those who might not give super useful results) and more. Plus: it replaces Google Analytics and Mixpanel - to improve your privacy and the performance of SkillMe.
Next steps
  • 🐞 fix bugs to make sure you have a seamless experience on SkillMe
  • πŸ” Improve the quality of suggestions even further
  • πŸ‘₯ SkillMe co-learning meetups in the Bay Area, most likely in San Francisco, possibly also in Oakland or Berkeley.
New timeline
We are getting closer to 100 signed up users! So here are the current goals in numbers:
  • 100 daily active users (Currently: 60, πŸ“ˆ+100% from last month)
  • 1500 monthly active users (Currently: 430, πŸ“‰-41% from last month)
  • 100 signed up users (Currently: 87, πŸ“ˆ+93% from last month)
New learnings
πŸ’» Too much time in workaholic mode
Over the last 1-2 weeks I spend a lot of time indoor, at the friend's place where I stay at the moment in San Francisco. And while focusing on coding/getting work done can be great, I also noticed that this was too much. Working on SkillMe shouldn't mean that I spend multiple days just indoors in front of my laptop, without going outside to meet friends or visit community spaces. So I started spending more time again going to local hackerspaces and work from there, while also meeting friends every once in a while.
This past week Burning Man 2019 happened. And while I loved being there last year and it noticeably helped me to grow and be more myself - I didn't join this year and was perfectly fine with it. Instead, I will go camping tomorrow with a friend from Burning Man, to a national park north of Yosemite - and look forward to it :)

πŸ—“ Hackathons are a great way to help people learn
Earlier this year I was invited to be a mentor at the TechTogether Boston hackathon, Boston's Largest All-Female & Femme Non-binary Hackathon. It was a wonderful experience - and I am happy to say that I got accepted to be a Brand Ambassador for the TechTogether Boston 2020 hackathon in January next year. Stay tuned for more info over the next weeks! Also - a few days ago I noticed that TechTogether New York is happening October 25-27! I applied to be a mentor - and hope that works out:)

🌎Helping people learn to code doesn't matter, if we ignore climate change and the current political situation around the world
I don't like pessimism. I always tried to see something positive about things that are happening. However... within the last months, I felt more and more that our world is accelerating in getting more and more fucked up, quicker and quicker. The Amazon rainforest is getting burned, climate change is accelerating and right-wing nationalism is spreading deeper and deeper into democracies all over the world (to just name some of the current issues). All this frustration and worries about where we are heading towards... made me wonder what else I can do that has more impact.
So I started writing down some notes for a new project idea - which I will work on in addition to (and independent of) SkillMe:
an open-source collection of resources for hackathon organizers. To massively simplify starting hackathons, which encourage people to build projects for addressing the biggest problems we currently face as humanity. Including website templates, lists of possible sponsors, hackathon categories and inspiration for project ideas & much more. Stay tuned for more on this over the next weeks - and let me know what you think about the direction.

Stay tuned and have a great September!
Creator of SkillMe
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