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Migrating Trustwave's Large Customer Portal to Dart (Dart Developer Summit 2015) - YouTube

TrustKeeper is a web portal for all of Trustwave's cloud ...
TrustKeeper is a web portal for all of Trustwave's cloud security offerings. Consisting of over 35 distinct modules (applications), the portal was originally written in Adobe Flex, and is now being redesigned and rewritten using Dart and Angular. In this talk Eric Woerner highlights the reasons he chose Dart and describes how he approached practical problems, including: -Dynamically loading and integrating multiple application modules -Serializing data to and from existing Java back-end services -Providing a common development framework for app dev teams -Supporting Flex interoperability for legacy applicationsWatch more from the 2015 Dart Summit here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...
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